Apie Mus

We all know that currently the hygiene, cleaning, beauty care and even many food products sold in Lithuania do not meet the quality standards of Western European countries. The products of well-known brands sold in Lithuania meet the manufacturers’ standards for third countries such as Russia, Belarus, Moldova, the Caucasus and Asian countries whose currencies are significantly weaker than the euro or UK pounds. In the recent past, the Lithuanian market and people’s purchasing power were very much in line with the standards of these countries, but after Lithuania legally became a full-fledged western European country, the residents of our country deserve to use and consume products of the same quality as residents of other western European countries. We see that the Lithuanian government does not defend the rights of its people, and the practically non-existent protection of equal consumer rights in Lithuania allows arbitrary dishonest traders to mutilate the inhabitants of their country.
We offer good prices and high quality products used and consumed by residents of Ireland and the UK.